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How to protect your skin hair from pollution

The dirt and dead skin exfoliate twice a week your skin will seem younger cleaner and fresher.

Face mask is your friend Whenever you take a 30 minutes break having fun during the holiday season wash and Scrub your face throughly and use a face mask you can use an application mask if your issues are deeper like acne however remember that clay masks in particular are dry so use it only if you have oily or combination skin moisturise properly after washing it off so use it only if you have oily or combination skin moisturise properly after washing it off if you have dry skin solar on a sheet masks and keep it for 20 minutes they are hassle free and hydrating Moisturise and stay hydrated The smog filled air demands a lot of moisturisation and hydration apply a layer of moisturiser after you wash your face and before you use any make up product to keep your skin nourished maintain two to three litres of daily water intake to keep your skin healthy and firm. Don't forget your hair mask Air pollution leaves your hair thirsting for moisture and natural oils which is why both hair massage and hair masks become important get and hair massage of hot oil leave it for 20 to 30 minutes wash your hair and put on a hot water towel for five minutes apply hair mask and rinse off after 20 minutes to nourish your scalp and tresses. You can't skip the sunscreen just because the sun is hiding behind the fog at times don't assume you can skip sunscreen you should apply more sunscreen during the festival season it will not only protect your skin from UK rays but also act as a barrier against pollutants. Don't step out with wet hair Stepping out with wet hair invites more pollutants to stick to your scalp the harmful particles settle into the hair follicles and freeze once the hair dries this lead to breakage and hair fall air dry your hair fully before stepping out if your running out of time use a blow dryer. Use aloevera gel a leave in conditioner Aloevera is a miracle elixir that can reduce dabdruff which is a big issue during winter rubbing aloevera on your scalp and tresses after a wash can control hair fall caused by pollution. It can make your hair shine and more manageable don't shy away from using a generous amount of aloevera gel as a natural leave in conditioner not only is an anti pollution routine a necessity but it is also a new feel good thing you can make time to explore in the holiday season just relax and your skin and hair relax with you. 4 common hair problems Here are four such common hair problems that most struggle with and how to keep them check. 1.Dandruff Winter can make the scalp dry which can worsen the dandruff problem it happens since you scalp gets dry your scalp produce more sebum to compensate for the natural oil lost this result is flaky scalp aka dandruff wash your hair every two days hydrate and don't use very hot water use lukewarm water to wash hair. 2.Flyaways and hat hair It messes up your hair regardless of the texture and health of your hair wearing winter caps are cool until you take them off and are left with annoying flyaway or flat hair breakage switch your woollen and acrylic hats to cotton hats and use dry shampoo to add bounce. 3.Oily scalp hair problems as far as the oily scalp problem is concerned you can keep it in check by regularly washing hair keeping it clean as much as possible. 4.Frizz and dryness to keep your hair healthy and moisturised nourish it with a hydrating oil do this every week

To maintain a healthy body exercise iis considered crucial especially for those with arthritis it not only help manage pain but also reduce stiffness increase blood flow to the joints and improve flexibility simple exercise can help patients with arthritis live a better more comfortable life it is important to consult your doctor before you start working out one should not start exercising without proper guidance since this could aggravate your symptoms.

solution for deal with arthritis Arthritis friendly exercise It can be hard to keep moving when you have arthritis especially when it affects the knees ankles toes however to help you manage symptoms and reduce pain simple exercises are what work best when combined with right medication people with arthritis must be mobile little or no movement can cause more stiffness and pain exercise that encourage movement among the commonly recommended exercise are cycling stretching yoga walking strength training younger people can consider pilates under supervision these exercises relieve stiffness and increase your ability to move your joints there by slowing the advancements of arthritis in some cases it also help people manage daily chores and stay mobile for a long period of time When working out especially with arthritis it is important to warm up and then begin your exercise start with moving your joints gently about five minutes of warm up should be good enough when exercising focus on slow but regular movements and trust your instinct overdoing a particular exercise can cause inflammation and so stick to short but regular time timeliness Always start slowly working out in small intervals start with practising it for five to ten minutes a day and slowly increase duration gradually increase your stamina refrain from over exerting your body on the first day since this can cause injury and pain What should you avoid People with arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis must avoid high impact exercise some times exercising with arthritis can go terribly wrong and so we recommend people to avoid strenuous exercises such as aerobics running jumping and heavy weight training since muscle joints are already stiff and strained chances are that they might get damaged during a heavy workout The key is to balance duration intensity and frequency lastly listen to your body if you feel pain or pressure for more than two hours after a workout stop and consult your doctor immediately

Apart from these exercises arthritis people must also refrain from playing certain sports while this may not be true in all cases most arthritis patients avoid playing sport such as football cricket since these games put extra pressure on your joints especially your knees and ankles avoid them unless approved by your doctor Those with milder symptoms can consider water sports such as swimming ultimately it is important to track your symptoms and your overall health condition before taking up a fitness plan. reasons to use thyme Thyme is a good source of calcium which is needed for healthy teeth and bones. it's rich in beta carotene which plays an important role in keeping your skin eyes hair healthy.
its high in potassium which helps to control your blood pressure.

Pollution has come to be a main trouble in modern world, affecting now no longer handiest the surroundings however additionally our fitness and well-being. Exposure to pollutants could have detrimental results on our pores and skin and hair, main to numerous issues including dryness, dullness, untimely aging, hair loss, and more. Therefore, it's miles crucial to take preventive measures to guard our pores and skin and hair from pollutants. Here are a few suggestions that allow you to guard your pores and skin and hair from pollutants:

Cleanse your pores and skin and hair frequently

Pollution debris can decide our pores and skin and hair, clogging our pores, and unfavourable our hair follicles. Therefore, it's miles crucial to cleanse our pores and skin and hair frequently to cast off the amassed dust and pollution. Use a mild purifier and shampoo to keep away from stripping away the herbal oils and moisture out of your pores and skin and hair.

Use a defensive barrier

Applying a defensive barrier for your pores and skin and hair can assist defend them from pollutants. Use a moisturizer that consists of antioxidants like nutrition C and E, that could neutralize unfastened radicals that purpose oxidative strain on our pores and skin and hair. You also can use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum that paperwork a defensive layer over your hair, stopping pollution from coming into the hair shaft.

Cover up

Wearing a hat, scarf, or cap can assist guard your hair and scalp from pollutants. It also can assist guard your face from dangerous UV rays. When going out, select garb that covers maximum of your frame to limit pores and skin publicity to pollution.

Use a sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't handiest crucial to guard your pores and skin from dangerous UV rays however additionally from pollution. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects in opposition to each UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of as a minimum 30. Apply it generously to all uncovered pores and skin and reapply each  hours whilst outdoors.

Drink lots of water

Drinking sufficient water can assist hold your pores and skin and hair hydrated from the internal out. It also can assist flush out pollution and pollution out of your frame, decreasing their effect for your pores and skin and hair.

Eat a healthful weight loss program

A healthful weight loss program wealthy in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can assist guard your pores and skin and hair from pollutants. Include lots of culmination and greens for your weight loss program, which might be excessive in antioxidants and might assist neutralize unfastened radicals. Eat meals which can be wealthy in nutrition C, that could improve collagen manufacturing and guard your pores and skin from UV harm.

Avoid smoking

Smoking can launch dangerous chemical compounds into the air, that could harm your pores and skin and hair. Smoking additionally depletes the frame of nutrition C, that's crucial for pores and skin and hair fitness. Quitting smoking can assist lessen your publicity to pollution and enhance your usual fitness.

In conclusion, protective your pores and skin and hair from pollutants is crucial to preserve their fitness and vitality. By following the suggestions noted above, you could limit the effect of pollutants for your pores and skin and hair and revel in healthful, sparkling pores and skin and hair. Remember to take preventive measures to guard your self from pollutants and lead a healthful lifestyle.

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