5 calming fragrance to use at home instantly cheer you up

Here are a few energetic fragrances and fragrant oils you could use at domestic to preserve you in excessive spirits

1. Lavender 

 used in aromatherapy is lavender oil it is associated with aiding stress anxiety relief has a delightful woody and floral aromatic exuding an exotic feel.

How to use it.

Add fragrance to your home with the spectacular smelling lavender it can be used anywhere between  diffuserys candles or even in dried flowers  as you like it


Native to tropical climate the sweet musky ando spicy patchouli has been a fashion favourite for many it has an addictive strong based espoused with calming effects it's oils is said  to relieve  symptoms of depression and anxiety apart from  treating various  skin conditions.

How to use it.

Rub a few drops of patchouli oil on a cloth and place it on your pillow before going to bed enjoy a relaxing sleep and Wales up happy the next day.


This is one of the highly valued fragrant woods widely used in perfumery and other cosmetics for its  healing properties  it has a captivating aromatic and precious woody scent imparting a long lasting effect and its use can be traced back  to thousands of years it's oil is used  to calm tried minds and eahence sleep quality it helps in alleviating anxiety issues.

How to use it

Burn sandalwood incense in your living space and blend of sandalwood and frankincense essential oil makes a great pair in creating a fragrant avenue for meditation use it in areed diffuser.

4. Cedarwood 

The pleasant and  camphoraceos8  is widely  known for its grounding protective energy. It's purifying fragrance  helps in feelings of safety and comfort that aids in emotional balance.

How to use it

You can sprinkle a few drops of cedarwood essential oil on tissue paper and smell it all day or use a mistrustfulness bottle and spray it on dried flowers arrange  place them as per your home aesthetic and the aromatic will slowly envelop in the air


The fruity and delicious orange is one of the most popularly used fragrances  across the citrusy aroma has a feel good factor aiding in stress relief  and boosting mood.you can create a cheerful and relaxing aura with a mild fragrance whenever you feel anxious. 

How to use it.

Pour a few drops of orange oil and fill the reservoir of your ceramic diffuser with adequate water. Place a tea light candle underneath and you're done.

Five midlife habits that could add more to your life.

Making small lifestyle changes in middle age could give you an extra mile free from chronic illness.

here are a few to follow.

2Walk everywhere 

But like a postal worker ensure your stride with a purpose and include hills a stairs consider getting a pet a pet provides the perfect antidote to a sedentary life particularly if you're working from home 

2.keep your strength up

Each decade after 30 muscles decline by upto eight percent over a third of over 60percent say their strength has declined since  the pandemic began 37 percent say they are doing less physical activity person with weak muscle strength are more likely to die earlier.therfore its  vital to build strength training into your routine.like lifting weights or doing the equivalent with resistance bands can help you slow and even reverse muscle loss


3.Join a club

Regular meetings and conversing with others can significantly reduce your risk of death in the first five years post retirement


4.Find your balance 

A third of over 60percent will have at least one fall a year and women are more likely to break bones than men due to increased osteoporosis risk working on balance will improve mobility and keep you more agile and stable on uneven surfaces helping prevent trips or fall something every time you wash your hands do toe raises lift your heels off three seconds then lower again with control.

5.Take a vitamin D supplement 

Most of us are deficient yet this vital vitamin can help bolster the immune system and has heart bone and joint benefits vitamin D may help to fend off dementia. 


How to relieve dry eyes

Dry eyes are a problem for most and for others 

What causes dry eyes

It can  be complicated to keep your eyes moist and free of irritating dryness an more challenging by greater reliance on screens for hours on end blink less often resulting in tired distressed eyes inadequate lubricants of ocular surface can also result blurry  vision.

Although dry eye problem's are most common in age groups of older than fifty they are also increasing among young adults which attributes to smartphones and computers younger people are more likely to wear contact lenses the prolonged wearing of which may also cause dry eyes. 

Dry eyes is a hallmark of diseases of  sjogrens syndrome and other disorder that impair bodies lubricating tissues. 

How does the eye stay lubricated through the day.

Think of the tear film that coats and lubricates the eye as a two layer sandwich with each layer produce by different glands.the meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids create an oily outer layer that stabilise the film if the film breaks up too quickly blurry vision is the result likely next are two sets of lacrimal glands that supply watery tears innermost is the mucin layer that attracts water and helps to spread the tear film over the surface of cornea even if the tear supply is adequate a deficiency can impede wetting  of cornea and damage it's surface.both the meibomian and lacrimal glands have receptors For the sex hormones and estrogen and a decrease in hormones levels likely explains why dry eyes problems increase in women at menopause and in men who are treated with anti androgen therapy for prostate cancer.

What can you do to relieve dry eyes.

Environmental  conditions that can exacerbate dry eyes problems include smoky or excessively  dry air which can result from indoor heating and air conditioning wearing eyeglasses when outdoors especially on windy days to protect your eyes from dryness and grit can help.

If you swim be sure to wear googles prevent salty or chemically treated water from irritating your eyes.

Another measure is that is applying warm compresses to the eyelids  morning and night to assist meibomian gland function use of artificial tears several times a day is essential for most cases of dry eyes although no product precisely mimics the composition of natural tears many are useful if used regularly. 

If over the counter remedies and the practical measures fail to bring adequate relief consult  an eye specialist. 


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