site-verification: 6f3d8b70228d5e1001ae512b6e136d62 Importance of salt sodium intake

Importance of salt sodium intake


some say salt is an essential part of a healthy diet others say it causes more harm than good salt  played an important role in food preparation and has a number of medicinal benefits.

Why salt is important 

Eloborating on why salt consumption is a must sodium is an essential mineral required to maintain the body's health not only does sodium prevents dehydration but also promote transmission of nerve impulses an healthy amount of salt must be consumed at every meal for maintaining normal functions proper balance of fluids water minerals in the body having said overdose of salt can be harmful as well.

Consuming 2ooomg grams of sodium per day what is important to note is the quality of salt that you have suppose to consume commonly used salts in the Indian kitchens include table salt that is processed and natural salts like himalayan pink salts sea salt since it is lesser processed than regular salt.

Healthy benefits 

Apart from health benefits salts offer a number of benefits too salt is a gentle natural exfoliating agent a mixture of salt and honey has anti inflammatory properties and helps soothes skin and calm breakouts and irritation  its  recommended weekly treatment to maintain healthy hydrated skin additionally  a mixture of salt and baking soda also helps to remove stains and clean and brighten teeth it actually as a disinfection to kill oral bacteria apart from this.

 Epson salt along with warm water offers tremendous relief to tired muscles heals irritated or damaged skin and detans the feet Saltc can provide numerous benefits caution because  a diet high in salt can increase blood pressure those with heart and other neurological issues must consult doctor before consuming salt whether natural or table salt since it may lead to health complication. 

Watch your daily intake 

Anything consumed in excess causes more harm than good and salt is no exception the easiest and most effective  way to monitor your salt intake is to have fresh home cooked food freshly cooked food with a pinch of table salt makes for a healthy meal when buying processed ready  to cook or ready to eat foods read the label carefully most of these foods  contain higher levels of sodium lastly but most importantly restrict the intake of ready made sauces they not only hold low nutrit ionisation level but also contain higher sodium.

Salt and its benefits 

2 helps ease sore throat and sinusitis 

2used for oral rehydration 

3 helps manage cystic fibrosis 

4 used as a preservative in food 

Symptoms of salt deficiency 

2 reduced hydration especially in athletes 

3 muscle cramps

3 higher risk of heart problems 

4 headaches

5 weakness  cognitive decline 

6 irritability weakness fatigue. 

Why are vitamins important for good health 

Vitamins are essential for proper functioning of the human body and each one fulfils a very special role different vitamins have different roles and they are needed in different quantities by the human body they help the body grow and develop and also play an important role in body function.

Most vitamins that we need come from food we consume and so a mindful approach to nutrition will help in maintaining good health absence of essential vitamin the body's normal functions will be affected leading to health issues.

Different vitamins have different roles they help to grow and develop such as metabolism immunity and digestion vitamins are grouped into two categories fat and water-soluble vitamins both players important role one must know

 why we need them.apart from enabling the body to carry out vital functions vitamins play a very underrated role in our daily lives it's only when levels decrease do we realise it's impact and true value naturally available sources such as vegetables fruits and nuts try to eat wide variety of foods along with all kinds of fruits and vegetables they are loaded with nutrients and will boost your immunity.

Here are the few that should pay attention to.

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid vitamin can is an antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums it also helps the body absorbs iron and maintain healthy tissue essential component  that is a water soluble vitamin it helps in healing wounds and building immunity and helps the body fight common flue fever cold and viral infection vitamin c is usually found in vegetables and fruits like oranges melons berries peppers and broccoli.

Vitamin b2

Vitamin B 2 a vital vitamin for the body to survive helps make red blood cells DNA RNA and myelin that enables nerve fibres to their bit usually found in dairy and animal products like milk yogurt soya egg meat and fish  and deficiency in this water soluble vitamins may cause anaemia a condition unusually large abnormal immature red blood cells and so we recommend that each person consumes  at least one meal which includes foods with vitamin b2in their diet 

Vitamin D 

Known as the sunshine vitamin since it is made by the body after being exposed to the rays of the sun this vitamin helps the body absorb calcium effectively ensuring strong bones teeth nails an effective immune system fifteen to twenty minutes of sunshine three to four times a week is enough for our body to produce the required vitamin D However those with deficiency in the said vitamin need more supplemented with medicines temporarily a deficiency in vitamin D is not be taken lightly.

Sleep is an essential part of overall health and what you eat will directly  impact Dys regulated sleep patterns are a modern day curse all thanks to gadgets that we just don't seem to be able to put much as we hate restless  night's and drowsy days changing this habit is not easy. 

The most common advice for fixing your routine sleep is to switch  offer your gadgets. And keep it away but does that really work if you're a night owl you know the problem isn't the phone it's your mind . you feel most awake energetic and creative during the night hours and there's nothing that can change yes you can change 

West mind functions and the first step of that journey is changing your diet in terms of the  how adverse effects of certain nutrients ando foods that contain higher amounts of caffeine can be the reason behind an active   even at night.

Let's go through these foods in detail and sure how they affect your sleep patterns. 

When we think of caffeine  we think of coffee however  there are many other foods and beverage that have caffeine too .dark chocolate  green tea and even normal tea can  sugar have caffeine  in it so make sure to choose your bedtime mindfully and don't forget to read the label.

2.Sugary treats

Foods that have too much refined sugar can make your body active at night more in your 3Bloodstream  stimutate insulin production in your body this can keep you wide awake at night since your body is wide awake too this means no ice cream chocolates sweets at night so no matter what control your carvings.

3 acidic foods

Acidic foods like grapefruit and oranges are a big no at night this is because they increase your risk of getting heart burn and reflux at night.this can be a major discomfort especially when you're trying to relax and sleep sometimes it can even wake you up from your peaceful slumber in the middle of the night.


Now this one may be a little hard to digest for a cheese lovers but you've got to stay away from  pizzas at night aged cheese contains  an amino acid that stimutate the production of norepinephrine  a neurotransmitter realised  during stressful  situations. It goes without saying  that your body shouldn't be experiencing stress before bed.

5 Alcohol 

Most types of alcohol are stime lands and can keep you up for hours at night  chances  are that you'll either experience restless sleep or wake up earlier than usual. Alcohol prevents you from entering remember which is important stage of sleep that determines overall sleep quality. 

What can you do to ease your lower back pain 

Try to incorporate a good daily stretch into your morning routine just a few minutes of manipulating the joints you use most knees back shoulder elbows and hips will warm up for the day ahead and help protect against injuries.

If you work on a PC ensure your chair is the right height for your feet to be firmly on the ground and your elbows to be a 90 degree angle.

Remember  to take  time throughout the day to move around to ensure your joints feel mobile just like the rest of you your back muscles tense up when you start to feel you are under pressure whenever you feel stressed  consider clearing your mind with a short walk or getting some fresh air.


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