The Quest to Lose weight – Why we need to lose weight

Though the process to lose weight is n’t easy, the long term goods would clearly justify lose weight and exfoliate those redundant pounds. utmost youthful people who are fat suffer from severe complexes which reduce their tone confidence and social standing with their peers. In extreme cases severe depressions can affect from not being suitable to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic aspects of a generous figure aren’t the only things to worry about. From a health point of view too, maintaining a normal body weight is important.

Health incentives to lose weight

Losing weight prevents high blood pressure. This automatically reduces your chances of contracting heart disease and stroke. Thus, to lose weight has a threefold benefit.  Heart disease and stroke are one of the main afflictions of people in developed countries .

Studies have shown that if a person were to lose weight by by 5-10% , this would dramatically decrease the chances of he/she suffering from  heart disease or a stroke overweight people run the risk of having high cholesterol levels in their bodies.

A healthy weight can prevent a person from contracting diabetes. Although diabetes is not life threatening, it ruins one’s lifestyle because of the complications that arise from living with it.  Both kinds of diabetes, types one and two are connected with being overweight. A person who already has diabetes can also lose weight and realize benefits such as controlling blood sugar levels.This may reduce the person’s reliance on medication to achieve the same effect.

Your risk of contracting cancer is also reduced if you lose weight. Numerous kinds of cancer are connected to being overweight.  Cancers of the uterus, ovary, gall bladder, breast and colon are linked to women being overweight. Similarly if a man was to lose weight he would be at less of a risk from contracting cancers of colon, rectum and prostate.

Sleep apnea is reduced if a person were to lose weight .It can also be completely eliminated.  This is a condition in which a person while sleeping, would temporarily stop breathing for a brief period.  Due to the lack of oxygen to the brain during these periods, drowsiness results during the day and  in an extreme case, could result in brain damage! All this could be eliminated if the person concerned were to lose weight.

Osteoarthritic pain is reduced by losing weight. This is quite straightforward. An overweight person has a greater body weight which puts more stress on the load bearing joints, causing them to wear out faster. Naturally, if the person were to lose weight the load on these joints is decreased, eliminating the aforementioned pain

Lose weight  Conclusions

There are many more compelling reasons to jlose weight but no amount of reading will actually get you to lose weight. You need to take action as soon as possible.

Go ahead and browse the free resources on this site to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Fast weight loss tips

 let’s face it everyone wants them. In this age of instant gratification, most of us have no patience for long drawn out approaches. 

This is why most of us are drawn towards the latest fad diet that promises to make you lose 30 pounds in a week or the latest magic bullet fat loss pill. Unfortunately, most of these products are outright scams, and the few that work can cause serious harm to your body. 

However, if you want to lose weight as fast as possible without hurting yourself in the process, read on. I have collected the best weightloss tips which you can apply to yourself for the best weight loss results.


Fast weight loss tips Set realistic goals

Think about how much weight you want to lose. Is it 10,20 or 30 pounds? Chances are that you have put on this weight over a period of months or even years. So, how realistic is it if you expect to lose that weight in a period of days or weeks.Set a goal that you believe you can achieve and work sincerely towards it.

Fast weight loss tips  Eat correctly

Instead of sticking to the age old practice of eating 3 square meals a day, try to spread your daily intake of food into 6 small meals throughout the day. 

The process of digesting food itself causes the body to burn more calories and boosts your metabolism. Of course you will need to eat the right kinds of foods as well. Do not under any circumstances crash diet. 

This is one of the  This will only cause the body to go into ‘starvation mode’ and prevent fat loss. For more information on eating to lose weight check out the relevant resource on the right

Fast weight loss tips  Get adequate exercise

There is no getting around it, exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. Experts suggest that performing a half hour of light to moderate intensity of exercise everyday is the optimum amount. If you think exercising is difficult or that you can’t exercise due to a lack of time or equipment, think again. 

There are plenty of exercises to choose from to fit your schedule or level of fitness. Have a look at what I think are the best exercises for weight loss here.

Fast weight loss tips  Track and log your progress

As a general rule, whenever you set out on a project, you always want to see how well you are progressing. The same is true for weight loss. Initially, I recommended that you set a goal. Besides the other fast weight loss tips, you should maintain a weight loss journal in which you would log you daily food intake and your exercise schedule and your weight . 

Doing this, tends to keep you straight, prevents you from cheating on your diet and keeps you from missing your exercise sessions.

Fast weight loss tips  Be accountable

Being accountable to someone or a group of people is extremely effective for weight loss. You may not care so much about not reaching your goals yourself, but being seen as a failure in the eyes of others can be a powerful motivator.

 This is why personal trainers are so effective in achieving fast results. So, how do you go about this. You can start by simply telling you close friends or family about your goal and how you intend to get there. 

Make sure you only tell people that you think will be supportive of you. Keep them informed of your weekly progress. Alternatively, you could join a weight loss social networking site. And if you are amenable to spending some money, you could hire a personal trainer as well.

Fast weight loss tips – No. 6 Drink plenty of water

Drink 6-8 glasses 200 ml each of water evenly spaced throughout the day. This helps the body stay hydrated and flushes out harmful toxins from the body. Without getting into the technicalities of it, staying hydrated helps the liver metabolize stored body fat into energy better, so you will lose fat faster.

 Drinking ice cold water also actually causes you body to burn calories This one of the easiest fast weight loss tips you can follow.You can read more on that here.

Fast weight loss tips  Stick with your program

However good your program is for weight loss, you have to give it time to work for you. Each person is different, so some people experience faster results than others. Don’t let a perceived lack of results discourage you. Remember, every day some ‘expert’ comes up with a new program, so don’t ditch your old program for a new one frequently. Give your own program a fair chance before deciding whether or not it is working for you.


Fast weight loss tips – No. 8 Visualization

Visualize yourself at you ideal weight in your ideal body. Before you think this is a bit ‘out there’ ,the truth is, I have found this to be extremely powerful amongst the fast weight loss tips. 

If this is done correctly, you will find that you are automatically inspired to follow everything that is naturally conducive to losing weight. 

Most of us can’t even visualize ourselves in the body of our dreams. Go ahead, try it right now. Were you able to do it.If you don’t even think you can, how are you going to achieve it in reality. Go to the motivation for weight loss section for more information on this powerful technique.

The best fast weight loss tips have been presented to you, so go ahead and incorporate them into your life for the fastest fat loss.

Best foods for weight loss

If you have ever wondered what the best foods for weight loss are, then read this . Here I present the properties of the best foods for weight loss and why they are so.

Characteristics of the best foods for weight loss

High protein

Maintaining muscle mass is always a good idea when you want to lose weight because muscle has metabolic activity and helps to burn fat. 

However, if you do not meet your daily protein requirement from your food, your body breaks down your muscle mass to fulfill its essential amino acid requirement. Therefore, high protein foods are some of the best foods for weight loss. Examples are eggs, milk and fish

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are generally low calorie foods. In fact, about 20% of the calorie content does not get absorbed by the body. 

They also require more energy to digest. Eating complex carbohydrates also send the feeling full signal to the brain sooner, preventing you from overeating. 

Thus, complex carbohydrates figure as one of the best foods for weight loss. Some examples are spinach, oatmeal, grapefruit and potatoes

Low calorie

This is a no brainer. When you are trying to lose weight, you want to create a calorie deficit and what better way than to eat low calorie foods. Some examples are pumpkins and fruits like apples.

Low glycemic index

The Glycemic Index G1is a number from 1-100 that measures the effect of foods on your blood sugar levels. A food with a high glycemic index close to 100 will cause a sharp spike in your blood sugar levels soon after eating . Low glycemic foods however will be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream creating a feeling of fullness and preventing food cravings. 

Therefore, some of the best foods for weight loss are those with low glycemic indices. Some examples are whole bran breakfast cereals, low fat yoghurt and all fruits

High fibre

The best foods for weight loss have a high fibre content.  There are no calories added from fibre because it is not absorbed by the body. It also takes  longer to pass through our digestive system, thereby making us feel full and satisfied sooner. 

Fibre also has other beneficial properties like helping clean the digestive tract. Examples are nuts, beans and lentils

High nutrition value

The best foods for weight loss are those that give you a good bang for your nutritional buck. In addition to helping you lose weight they will also promote general health

When you are restricting your calorie intake, why not make sure that the calories that you do eat are loaded with nutrients. As long as you avoid processed, ready to eat foods, you will be okay in this department.

Best foods for weight loss – final words

So, here are the characteristics of the best foods for weight loss and if you apply them to your diet, you should be able to see substantial results in no time.

If you are wondering whether drinking water to lose weight is actually effective, then read on. It is quite well known that drinking water is good for your overall health, but does it actually promote weight loss. Keep reading, the answers may astound you

Drinking water to lose weight– How does it work?

Drinking adequate amounts of water keeps the kidneys functioning at an optimum level. If the kidneys weren’t performing well, the liver would have to pitch in and take up the slack. 

Another important function of the liver from a weight loss point of view is that it metabolizes fat in the body. An overloaded liver means that its fat metabolizing function is compromised. In a nut shell,  boosts your metabolism.

Water is filling. Water also contains ZERO calories. Often we mistake thirst for hunger and reach for the nearest snack. Drinking water to lose weight creates a feeling of fullness sooner and prevents you from overeating. You would also tend not to quench your thirst with sodas and other sugary drinks and thus avoid unwanted calories

Drinking water to lose weight can actually burn calories. Here is the science behind this. One calorie is defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. So, if you were to drink one gram of ice cold water at zero degrees C, your body would have to expend 37 calories the human body temperature is approximately 37 degrees C to heat up that water to the body temperature. Unfortunately it takes a 1000 such calories to equate to a nutritional calorie also denoted as kcal or Calorie with a capital C .

So, realistically, how many Calories can you burn in a day by drinking water to lose weight? Lets say you were to drink 8 glasses of 200ml each that’s 200 grams of water of ice cold water in a day. So, that would be 8 times 200 times 37 which equals 59200 calories or approximately 60 Calories. You may think that’s not a whole lot, but if you do this every day for a year, that accounts for about 21,900 Calories.

Since you need to expend about 3500 Calories to lose a pound of weight, that translates to over 6 pounds per year by just drinking water to lose weight. And when you realize that this is in addition to your diet and exercise program, it actually becomes very powerful indeed.


Drinking water to lose weight – the method

So, how does one go about drinking water to lose weight? I would recommend that you drink 8 glasses of 200ml each of ice cold water evenly spaced throughout the day. In the beginning it may take a while for your body to get used to the increased water intake a.k.a. trips to the restroom.

So, I hope you realize that drinking water to lose weight is an incredibly powerful method and the added health benefits should make you want to add this to your weight loss repertoire right away.


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