how to manage asthma

Here is how asthma can be controlled effectively. 

it is important to  note that some medical conditions have no cure and asthma is one of them so it is wise to learn how to deal with when it flare up asthma is left untreated  is a life threatening condition so you must treat it in time.

here is what you can do to manage an asthma attack.

Most importantly distance yourself from the trigger if it's a perfumes a co passengers in the train is wearing get off at the next station you always board another train blow your  nose and rinse it with a saline solution till the odour clears out.

stay calm 

if sudden emotions like anger or anxiety have caused it then it might take sometime for your breathlessness to subside it is best to sit still calm down and take your medication immediately.

focus on your breathing breath slowly and through your nose you need to control your breath through practice. 

use your inhaler correctly most asthmatic patient's panic when they get an attack they puff the medicine into the throat instead of airways stay calm and puff the medicine the right way.

stay hydrated drink some water tea or juice slowly see that it's at room temperature nor hot or cold drinking fluids  and staying hydrated is know to reduce asthma symptoms in many

stop all activities especially if exercising  has caused the attack sit up straight breath slowly through  your nose and exhale through your mouth

keep a precautionary plan ready

it helps to accept  the fact that asthma has no cure so far and you must learn to live with it.the only solution  to be cautious about the triggers because asthma presents indifferently in each person and the triggers  to can vary so sit down with your doctor to identify the potential triggers moderation or even abstinence is the key to keeping asthma at bay

Most importantly never skip your asthma  medications and always  carry your inhaler wherever you travel always check the expiry date on the inhaler medication and keep on standby for emergency


Watch what you eat

There are certain foods that are not to be consumed if you are asthmatic however you can savour sumptuous nutrition fare while taking care of your medical condition fruits make for a healthy snack for asthmatic people pomegranate apples and Orange are loaded with antioxidants that have power to reduce inflammation in lungs pomegranate juice is shown to lower lung tissue damage apples and oranges are a great source of beta carotene and vitamin C and E which are known to lower inflammation in the lungs eating two servings of fruit along with five or more servings of vegetables daily for two weeks led to better asthma control so stock up the fruits.

when speak about vegetables tomato and spinach juice helps relax the airways while tomato is loaded with antioxidants lycopene spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals helps those with asthma is folate also called vitamin B which gives them relief with prolonged consumption. high fibre foods like beans eating even half cup of assorted beans can help fight asthma.

ideal treatment of asthma in a few ways the correct approach is to identify and treat this condition on a personal level.


5.vital pillars of yoga

1.Asanas.pastures and stretches 

The practice of asanas provides agility to the body and calms the nervous system.

2.Pranayama  breath regulation 

Breathing exercises that brings relaxation to mind body and spirit.

3.Pratyahara. withdrawal of the senses

 By allowing a step back from the world Pratyahara empowers a connection with the inner self.

4.Dharana concentration. 

Dharana improves concentration power and prepares the mind for a meditative state.

5.Dhyana meditation. 

This creates a state of pure stillness and consciousness thus blocking out all external distractions. 


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